Welcome to PTI –

PLASTIC…  We plate it, and we do it well. Period.

We set the industry standard, from the ground-up: From proprietary formulation of the chemicals used in the process, to the process itself. We have perfected the technique that ensures a quality finished product, the first time, on time. In fact, we were chemical providers to the industry, until we decided to go from a supplier to a job shop.

Located in Warren, Michigan, and founded in 1992, we proudly offer the specialty service of chrome, nickel, copper and bronze plating of plastics and similar substrates. From corporate-America (our mainstay), to individual customers looking to have things like a hood ornament re-plated for their classic car restoration project, we do it all – prototypes, and pre-production to low-volume production plating for the automotive and other industries. We have the capacity, tank size, custom rack and hoist system, and expertise ready to meet whatever your needs may be. We can custom design a program specific to your project needs and specification, with tech support, part tracking, quality control and customer service working with you, along the way. ABS/PC material, not a problem. Tell us what you need from us and we’ll deliver.
Why PTI? Because you want it done right, the first time…

In addition to plastic plating services, we offer chrome plating of PRE-POLISHED metals, as well as stripping, polishing and metal antiquing. For a complete list of plating and services offered, see our Capabilities page, (click here) or call for more details – (586) 756-1825.